Music Therapy

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Live music is beneficial in helping people recover from illness. I use the music of my harp to assist in this process. In my therapy sessions I play "Suantraigh"; this is music of healing and repose. To find out more see below.


THE THREE MUSICS. One of my favourite Celtic stories is "The Wooing of Findabair". This tale explains the origin of the three kinds of music first played upon the harp, namely:

When I play Anwen (my harp) I imagine myself back in the ancient times journeying often upon the path of sorrow, sometimes upon the path of joy but always seeking the path of healing.

In the culture of the ancient Celts the harper was a person of high rank. "Three things which cannot be siezed by course of justice," as the bardic triad goes, "the book, the harp and the sword" (irreplaceable measures of one's liberty).

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