Services for Schools and Colleges

As a storyteller, poet and Celtic harper with over 20 years' teaching experience, I offer the following professional services to nursery, infant and primary schools as well as secondary schools and colleges:

Storytelling Performance

Storytelling including Celtic harp accompaniment. Features a selection of stories from around the world.


1. Storymaking. Make your own stories to tell and/or to write.

2. Poetrymaking. Poetry-telling and poetry-writing arising out of storytelling.

3. Drama Workshop. Explores the dramatic nature of stories.

4. Harp Workshop. An introduction to the harp. I bring several harps along to this workshop to provide a "hands-on" experience.

5. The Celtic Package. Stories from the Celtic lands. Includes introduction to the Celtic harp and to Turlough O`Carolan.

6. The Sheherazade / Arabian Package. Stories from "The Thousand and One Arabian Nights".

7. The Africa Package. Stories from the African continent.

8. The Japan Package. Stories from Japan. Workshops can include a short introduction to "Go" (See BGA on links page) the national game of Japan.

9. The China Package. Stories from China.

10. The Russia Package. Stories from Russia.

11. The Greek Myths Package. Stories from the Greek myths.

12. The Great Religions Package. Focus on stories from the six major world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.

Tailor-made workshops
These are workshops, designed in consultation with the client, which incorporate NC and NLS targets for key stages 1-4. They are based on a cross-curricular and cross-cultural approach and can include sections from the workshops above.

In-service training for schools, colleges, teacher training establishments and education advisors is available on any of the services offered above.

Note: any of the above, including INSET, can be adapted either for A-Level or GCSE.

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