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My band's first CD, 'The Seven Harps of Avalon', features myself on Celtic harp and vocals, Tarsem Kalyan on tabla drums, Chris Conway on flutes (and various other instruments),Martin Herbert on fiddle and Nuala Kennedy on Celtic harp.

The album also features other fine musicians. Apart from myself, Nuala, Chris and Martin there are three other Celtic harp players: Emma (who is ten years old!), Keith and Suzanne who make up 'The Seven Harps of Avalon'. The track "Brian Boru's March" features all seven of us playing Celtic harp as an ensemble.

The wonderful Elaine Samuels guested on the album as well. She wrote a song for us - The Grail - and performed it with myself and Chris.

We played the Winterdrum 2001, 2002 and 2003 festivals in High Wycombe to tumultuous applause!

We also recently played in Westminster overlooking the Houses of Parliament, for the PRS, the Performing Rights Society.

I have put three clips from the CD below in MP3 format. If you like what you hear and would like to receive details on how to purchase a copy, please send me a mail and I will reply with the relevant information. Thank you.

Anwen (720KB) Hewlett (720KB) The Grail (944KB)

The painting above - "The Harpstone of Magpies' Wood" - is an oil painting by Nuala Kennedy, a member of the band, and is the cover of our first album.

This picture - "Grail Vision" - which is inside the CD booklet is by Martin Herbert, also a member of the band. Signed prints and cards of this image as well as the album cover oil painting above are available from me.

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