I fell in love with the harp years ago when I saw someone playing a Celtic harp on television. I promised myself that one day I would get a harp and learn to play it for myself.

As for stories, my mum and dad used to read as well as tell us stories when we (me, my brother and my two sisters) were children. So to me stories have always been 'real' just as music is real.

When I first started to tell stories I found it natural to use Anwen, my Celtic harp, to accompany the stories. I also use my Kora (African harp) and my Native American flute for other tales.

The Celtic bardic tradition has always been an inspiration to me. So when I saw Robin Williamson - I had always been an ISB (Incredible String Band) fan - telling stories with the harp, reinventing the bardic tradition, I felt drawn to do the same.

I also do storytelling workshops mainly in schools. It's always a joy to me to listen to the stories that children, in particular, invent by the end of the session.

I have also directed and acted for the theatre company, "Actorvate".

I live and still teach, part-time, in High Wycombe, Bucks in England. High Wycombe is halfway between London and Oxford.

With other therapists, I provide well-being services for companies and corporate bodies. To find out more, please email me about "Well-Being Services".

I'm a member of the following: MU, the Musicians` Union; Equity, the actors` Union; SfS, the Society for Storytelling; and the BGA, the British Go Association.

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